Convenience for your community while saving resources for your agency

When the San Jose Police Department first introduced online reporting from the heart of Silicon Valley, they revolutionized the process of taking crime reports from citizens. Now your agency, no matter what size, can extend this convenience to your community with the ePoliceReport™ service.
  • Convenience: Citizens submit a report from any internet connection, any time of day, and receive a print-ready report for personal or insurance purposes.
  • Public Relations: Your image as a tech-savvy agency is advanced by offering this convenience to the public.
  • Resources: Personnel currently reserved for taking these reports in-person can now be redeployed to more critical policing functions.
  • Savings: This online delivery model is much less expensive to deliver than traditional software deployment. We pass the savings on to you so you can deliver online reporting for the cost of a cell-phone subscription plan.
At ePoliceReport, we have invested over 1,000 hours engineering our service so that you can implement it rapidly, seemlessly, and economically. You won't have to wait for a development project to complete, or find thousands of extra dollars to fund your site. We host everything on our secure servers, so there's no hardware to buy, and no software to install. We can even help you integrate the report data into your RMS.

See what top officials are saying about our service:

  • �ePoliceReport's greatest benefit is its convenience for local residents. Police reports can be filed in less than five minutes, at any time, day or night.� - Chief of Police

  • �ePoliceReport helps us serve the community in these times of high costs and tight budgets.� - IT Mgr, Police Dept

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The ePoliceReport service is rich with features designed to give citizens the ability to complete their report submission on their own, and give you the tools you need to process the reports.
For Citizens
  • Easy-to-use wizard style interface steps them through the reporting process ensuring that all required data is entered
  • Resulting report is assigned an actual case number and is ready to print for personal or insurance purposes
  • Email notification sent to citizen indicating whether report was accepted or rejected
  • Report lookup page to get copy of report without help from your staff
  • Secure encrypted transmission of report data ensures privacy
For Your Agency
  • Personalize your reporting site:
    • Upload website graphic
    • Upload badge image for report
    • Select color scheme to match your website or uniforms
  • Configure an unlimited number of crime types or tips, including options for:
    • Auto-approval of submitted reports, especially handy for tips
    • Specify RMS, UCR, and NIBRS codes
    • Allow prompts for property, vehicles, suspects, and witnesses
    • Set a limit on the total value of property listed in a report
    • Email routing of report
  • During report review:
    • Accept or reject report
    • Include message to citizen (required when rejecting)
    • Send email with report link to internal email address
    • Allow citizen to correct rejected report
  • Create logins for report reviewers and grant permissions
  • Generate reports showing report activity levels
  • Export reports for import into your RMS
  • Customized report id format to match your RMS


The ePoliceReport service is rich with benefits for both citizens and your agency.
For Citizens
  • Submit a police report from any internet connection
  • Submit a report any time of day
  • Submit a report without waiting for an officer or going to a police station
  • Submit tips anonymously
  • Receive a case number and print-ready report, perfect for insurance claims
  • Receive email notification indicating whether report was accepted or rejected
  • Retrieve a copy of report without having to go to police department
  • Correct a rejected report online
  • �I want to thank you for this site. As an apartment complex manager I�m letting my tenants know about this convenient service.�

For Your Agency
  • Advances your image as a tech-savvy agency deploying leading-edge technology to provide convenience to the community while saving department resources
  • Conserve manpower - resources formerly used to take reports can be redeployed to more important policing tasks
  • Save money - reports that used to cost tens of dollars to take now cost cents
  • Easy set up has your site ready to take reports in minutes
  • No software development project to wait on or fund
  • No hardware to purchase and maintain
  • No software to install and maintain
  • �ePoliceReport helps us serve the community in these times of high costs and tight budgets.� - IT Mgr, Police Dept

Using our simple online registration form, your agency is configured in our system in just a few minutes.  Configure your address and phone, upload an image of your badge, select a color scheme, and more.    
You configure the incident types you want to take online.  Specify crimes like "Theft" or tips like "Suspicious vehicle".  Indicate codes for NIBRS, UCR, and RMS.  Also indicate optional prompts for property (with value limits), vehicles, suspects, and witnesses.  Configure email routing, auto-approval, and allow anonymous reports.
Embed your custom ePoliceReport link in your own department website.  Your citizens find it there and are routed to your ePoliceReport home page hosted on our secure servers.    
The citizen follows the easy to complete wizard style interface to submit their report.  When finished, a unique case id is assigned and a printable report is presented immediately.
An officer you assign, and configure in the ePoliceReport system, logs in periodically to check for pending reports.    
The officer reviews the report and accepts or rejects it.  A message can be added which is emailed to the citizen with their report status.  The officer can optionally specify that a copy of the report be routed to an internal email address, and include a message to that party as well. If rejecting the report, the reviewer can allow it to be corrected by the citizen.
Reporting tools are available to allow you to view report generation levels, accept/reject activity, and even lookup reports when a citizen calls in for help.  If your needs require it, we work with you on integration with your RMS.    
You can also provide a link on your website to allow citizens to lookup their report.  This is convenient if they forgot to print it during the submission process.  They must provide the exact same identification used to submit the report.


At ePoliceReport we're dedicated to protecting the privacy of your citizens. We use 128-bit encryption to protect the data your citizen's submit over the internet.

Our servers use state-of-the art security technology including:

  • Microsoft Windows 2016 Server
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Enterprise-class Datacenter
  • Anti-virus software
  • Firewall software
  • 24x7 monitoring


At ePoliceReport we know that our success depends upon your successful implementation of online reporting. We are dedicated to working with you to rapidly and easily deploy your ePoliceReport service.
  • Service: Delivering best-in-class customer service is our top priority. You can rest assured that ePoliceReport will work tirelessly to meet your needs.
  • Experience: You can count on our staff members' experience in both technology and law enforcement to deliver solutions that meet your needs.
  • Reliability: Our talented staff of developers has over 20 years of experience delivering enterprise class applications on the internet.
  • Customization: We know that sometimes you have special needs and requirements, and we work hard to accommodate your needs in a timely and cost effective way.
  • Risk Free: We offer a 90-day free evaluation of our service so you can get familiar with all aspects of the system without risk.