Convenience for your community while saving resources for your agency

When the San Jose Police Department first introduced online reporting from the heart of Silicon Valley, they revolutionized the process of taking crime reports from citizens. Now your agency, no matter what size, can extend this convenience to your community with the ePoliceReport™ service.
  • Convenience: Citizens submit a report from any internet connection, any time of day, and receive a print-ready report for personal or insurance purposes.
  • Public Relations: Your image as a tech-savvy agency is advanced by offering this convenience to the public.
  • Resources: Personnel currently reserved for taking these reports in-person can now be redeployed to more critical policing functions.
  • Savings: This online delivery model is much less expensive to deliver than traditional software deployment. We pass the savings on to you so you can deliver online reporting for the cost of a cell-phone subscription plan.
At ePoliceReport, we have invested over 1,000 hours engineering our service so that you can implement it rapidly, seemlessly, and economically. You won't have to wait for a development project to complete, or find thousands of extra dollars to fund your site. We host everything on our secure servers, so there's no hardware to buy, and no software to install. We can even help you integrate the report data into your RMS.

See what top officials are saying about our service:

  • �ePoliceReport's greatest benefit is its convenience for local residents. Police reports can be filed in less than five minutes, at any time, day or night.� - Chief of Police

  • �ePoliceReport helps us serve the community in these times of high costs and tight budgets.� - IT Mgr, Police Dept

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