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The ePoliceReport Process At Work

Using our simple online registration form, your agency is configured in our system in just a few minutes.  Configure your address and phone, upload an image of your badge, select a color scheme, and more.    
    You configure the incident types you want to take online.  Specify crimes like "Theft" or tips like "Suspicious vehicle".  Indicate codes for NIBRS, UCR, and RMS.  Also indicate optional prompts for property (with value limits), vehicles, and suspects.  Configure email routing, auto-approval, and allow anonymous reports.
Embed your custom ePoliceReport link in your own department website.  Your citizens find it there and are routed to your ePoliceReport home page hosted on our secure servers.    
    The citizen follows the easy to complete wizard style interface to submit their report.  When finished, a unique case id is assigned and a printable report is presented immediately.
An officer you assign, and configure in the ePoliceReport system, logs in periodically to check for pending reports.    
    The officer reviews the report and accepts or rejects it.  A message can be added which is emailed to the citizen with their report status.  The officer can optionally specify that a copy of the report be routed to an internal email address, and include a message to that party as well.
Reporting tools are available to allow you to view report generation levels, accept/reject activity, and even lookup reports when a citizen calls in for help.  If your needs require it, we work with you on integration with your RMS.    
    You can also provide a link on your website to allow citizens to lookup their report.  This is convenient if they forgot to print it during the submission process.  They must provide the exact same identification used to submit the report.

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